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suzanne barnett wrote: great certificates, i used one for our school competition, i looked on other websites but wasn't impressed, thank you (08-05-2009)

Lisa Serigny wrote: Great site! Thanks so much! My daughter came home and had volunteered us to make 17 certificates for some of the 8th grade teachers at her school. I did a search and your site came up. The certificates were so professional looking and easy. I will tell everyone I know about your site. Thanks a bunch!

Menino wrote: The Certificates are a Killer ! Great Stuff People... Keep up the Good Work and keep spreading Happiness :)

SUZETTE wrote: Great product-easy to use and great results !

Patience wrote: Wow!! What a great site! Thank You for having what I needed in one place.

Gerard Freeman wrote: Thanks for helping me out! I really appreciate what you offer!

marilyn wrote: you made my day!!!!!! I was lost for but You found me. THANKS!!! i ADDED YOU AS MY favorite!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlene Rose wrote: Thank you so VERY much for this website. I did not know what I was going to do when a certificate was need quickly for my business. Much appreciation!

Shawn wrote: Your Website is wonderful! I've used it many times and the certificates print out beautifully!


cindy cole wrote: I love your free certificates. I have a rabbitry and pet rabbits will be sold with a birth certificate. You have so many that I can make a different certificate for each pet rabbit sold. No two pets will have the same certificate. The kids will love this. Thanks alot.


Terry Cullen wrote: Great site !!! Really bailed us out on a Sunday night getting a school project finished up. Thanks !!!

SONYA GREY wrote: excellent site.I needed certificates for prmary school children singing in a stars in your eyes competition at school,being a novice on computers I was really struggling....until I came across your brilliant site,used the stars certificate and the kids loved it!will def reccomend site thanks

Randall Hoffmann wrote: I am the leader of our local TOPS club. Tops stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. Each month we present your certificates for weight loss, perfect attendance, special awards. You have made this possible for alot of deserving members. Thanks for such a great variety to choose from.

Teddi wrote: Your website was just what I was looking for. Thank you for working so hard, so that it is so easy. This is the best site for certificates!

Regina wrote: Oh my god I love your site thank you so much for having it

kathi wrote: I like how easy it is. No downlowding. It is easy for someone who doesn't know a lot about computers.

Holly wrote: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I am stongly involved with PTA and the school distrct. Being non-profit.........this is a life saver!!

Sharon Froehlich wrote: Your burnt edge certificate is exactly what I needed for a country styled certificate. Thank you so much. You saved the day!

Brad Wright wrote: At the spur of the moment - I left out some key leaders prior to our 2009 Blue and Gold. Then I found this great site and BLAMO - I had these spectacular Awards to hand out. Thanks a bunch Cubmaster Brad

tabetha and tianna wrote: this is so awsome my mother and i was trying to make birth certificates for our puppys that we adopt out and this site is the best that we came by. thank you so very much.

Melody Hamilton wrote: I love Dye Tub. It is perfect. I have also told many others about you. I had to print off some certificates for recognition for a non profit organization and I used my resume paper just to see what it would look like, It was BEAUTIFUL..Much better than all the others I had looked at sold in those expensive packs. If no one has told you...Thanks for being so great!

Jonathan Ward wrote: Let me start by saying thank you. This is a great resource for parents on a tight budget to give their children a wonderful memory.

C.J. Barwick wrote: Your website is great! We drove all over town to find 1 generic certificate. I was estatic to find your website. Thanks! C.J.

Mary H. wrote: I'm a Recreation Supervisor @ a DRC. A colleague told me about this site around Christmas time. I have been using it ever since,to award the kids who attend and/or win at Game Night program. The certificates save money, time and have become a real motivator for participation. Thank you so much!!

Ian Kilfoil wrote: Just wanted to let you know this site is awesome! I made up a cert. for my girlfriend for being my "Angel on Earth" and she loved it ! Now I can give certificates to my family for being best mom, best bro etc. - GREAT site !

Lori Reed wrote: I'm a non profit program - this site is fantastic. ideleted all the others from my favorites. Thank you


carl verheyen wrote: good stuff! Thanks

Bob wrote: What a fantastic site! As you may know, Cub Scout Packs struggle to find ways of recognizing volunteers without spending a fortune! Your site is a wonderful resource for Packs operating on a shoestring budget! Thank you so much for making these certificates available for free! Yours in Scouting, Bob Shepard Pack Trainer Pack 969 Westminster, Colorado Eagle Scout

Sue wrote: Great site !! Just what I was looking for ! Thanks

Stuart Allen wrote: Absolutely wonderful certificates! User friendly, high-quality and free! I'll certainly be back!

Ferdie Golding wrote: Hello, Thanks for helping us out of a jam. We are starting an educational fund for our grand children, giving them each $50.00 every christmas & birthday. We needed something official looking to let them know what we're doing.Your printable certificates fit the bill perfectly. Many thanks for having them available

Rita McVey wrote: I absolutely LOVE this site. I have printed out lots of certificates this month and they all turned out beautifully. I use the parchment paper and that makes them look professional. I also appreciate that you keep adding new designs. Thank you so much.

Kenon wrote: This is a great resource. I used it to make a Christmas present for my dad. Thanks guys.

Patricia wrote: Thank you for having these available to me.

Mary James wrote: FAB!! I made some great "Attendance Certificates" It was so easy and FREE! Thankyou xx

Kim Trimm wrote: Thank you for providing a free, easy to use site. I appreciated the fact that I didn't have to set up an account in order to use it. Again, Thanks.

Kelly Southerland wrote: I LOVED your site. I administer annual training of multiple teams throughout California, and I was able to find a template to use for each person in attendance, making it a very personal touch!

Amanda wrote: I'm in Marketing and need to make quite a few certificates every so often for awards and presentations, etc. I've used this website for all my certificates and have not been happier. They are easy to use, have a great selection and very pretty. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

wrote: This was great. I spent 15 minutes trying to get some stupid MS Office application to work, but this worked right away and was better than anything Bill Gates could come up with. Excellent!

geoff wrote: A brilliant site. I have made my granddaughter very happy. Many thanks

Jack Rickman wrote: As a school teacher with a limited budget, a chance to make free certificates for the kids is a great service! Thank you!

Enjoli Ward wrote: I love what you have done with the website. Thank you

Brenda wrote: What a great site! It is easy, and a good variety of certificates to choose from. Best of all it is free without "strings"! Thanks.

Donna wrote: This is an excellent web site. Thank you so much for the options.

Tammy Plotner wrote: I simply cannot thank you enough for this service. I am the President of a non-profit Astronomical Observatory and often have need for various types of certificates, but not the knowledge of how to create them! Your site has given me a great tool and it is very, very much appreciated.

Craig wrote: What a great service. I coached a little league baseball team this past Fall and they had nothing for me to give the kids at the end of the year. Using your website I was able to print out certificates for the kids and they loved receiving them.

Jacquie wrote: Thank You! I was in need of pinewood derby awards and with your help I was able to complete them in minutes. What a blessing. Thanks.

Emily wrote: I needed a certificate for a raffle on the fly. I was able to print high quality certificates at home. Thank you very much!

Tiffany wrote: What a fantastic website! Just when I thought it was all over, and how nothing these days is free anymore I found Dyetub Media. What a perfect idea! Keep up the amazing work! TJR

Elena wrote: Thank you, what an awesome service. Very helpful!

Tom Croucher wrote: Thankyou so much for all your hard work. I make Certificates for a number of charities and this site is exactly what I need in order to do this. Warmest Regards, Tom

Sheila Taylor wrote: Thank you from pack 461, stockton ca! The certificates are well designed and are sure to be well received by our scouts!

Joe Tomlinson wrote: Thank you, thank you for this great certificate website. We teach a lot of seminars and it allows us to print a certificate of achievement for the participants. Great idea and great service for consultants like us.

Sandra Austin wrote: Thank you, A very helpful sight for busy managers.

Sophia Jones wrote: The site is great! Lots of templates to choose from; the web interface tool is easy to use, all you have to do is pick you template, enter your text and print. Very simple... Thanks. Sophia Jones, CT

Pari wrote: Awesome, I used these for a work training class, and they were a big hit THANK YOU!

jeni wrote: Way cool rewards-thank you what a community service and user friendly website!

Paul Payne wrote: Great site! Just what I needed for my presentation.

Jill wrote: Wow! you really helped me. I needed appreciation awards and your site was so easy and helped out a lot. I will recomend this site to anyone. Thank you

Cathy Bettoney wrote: Great site! Exactly what our company needed.

Donna Malone wrote: Thank you for providing wonderful templates, They are professional and beautiful.

Horacio Juan Cortondo wrote: You´re great !!! I love this site and hope the best for the owners and workers. From Bariloche, Argentina, please receive my recognition !!! Go on .

Tonia Lands wrote: Thank you so much for this site. I found just what I needed for my 20 year class reunion award certificates.

Geoff DeSpain wrote: Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I have used this site for years, and I will continue to use it for years to come. Thank you!

Shelley wrote: You made my life so much easier. Thanks for being convenient and FREE! Good luck!

Ron wrote: What a great site!

Kathy wrote: I LIKE IT!

pam wrote: I think this is great!!! Thank you.

Victoria wrote: I'm so glad I found your site!! It was easy to use and the outcome of my certificate was professional! Thanks again! Victoria

joe orlandi wrote: really great site, very happy that you can provide this ar no cost!

Michelle Patrick wrote: We are non-profit org. for senior and funds are extremely limited. I appreciate the ability to recognize these worthy youths who help to make this place a better place for our seniors.

Fred Campbell wrote: What a pleasant surprise! Creating good looking certificates is VERY difficult using pre-printed forms. Publising publishing is expensive, hard to use and have poor templates. Your site is terrific! My wife teaches Spanish to elementary school children and she always likes to give her students a nice looking certificate at the end of the year. I always help her prepare them, and never looked forward to doing. I can't wait to do it now, knowing I can use your site.

Ginger wrote: Thanks so much! It was nice to be able to find what I was looking for and it was FREE!! God Bless

Clare wrote: Our daughter is turning 1 in a few days and due to losing my job from a medical condition we have very little money. Your site gave me the oportunity to make something very special for her birthday/naming day and also for my partner. Thank you so much for your great work Clare

Gary Taylor wrote: Brilliant site. Thanks very much

AUSTINE EKE wrote: The ability to use your site in making several certificates for free is unbelievable. I will pass your web site to friends and share my satisfaction too. Keep up the good work. Austine Eke

Wynn Schembri wrote: Excellent choice of certificate templates, you beat Microsoft anyday Thank you for solving my problem with providing an excllent variety.

Simin Erol wrote: excellent free service, wonderful templates! thank you..

therese wrote: All the Teachers of the world thank you for this site. Thanks!!

Ned wrote: Great Site!!!! Really enjoyed and made the person very happy. Keep up the good work!

nan menker wrote: excellent site, truly have way to make almost any text on certificate. A good site that does "Spread Happiness to all.

Megan wrote: I would like to thankyou for your the free service you provide. You have made my life easier. As a community organization we are able to print thankyou certificates for our volunteers and that in itself can mean so much. I hope in some way the kindness you have given would be returned to you in someform or another.

Adam wrote: Wow! 100% FREE and no strings attached. Much quicker than designing from scratch!

Cynthia wrote: I needed some certificates for a team building event at work and stumbled across your web site when I googled "free certificate templates". This is SO cool. Very professional looking! Easy to use! I'm thinking of ALL kinds of ways I can use this now and have saved it in my "favorites". Thank you for doing this!

Wayne wrote: Thank You for such a WONDERFUL Site !!!!I used your templates to make award certificates for each Person who worked in our Bible School for 2007. Again Wonderful Site!!!! Thank You

Paula Millhollon wrote: Thanks so much for the free certificates. I used the pink & maroon caligraphy certificate for a Heart & Hand Award for needlework chapter. It was quick & easy to edit esp at midnight. Many thanks! Paula

Earl wrote: Great site Thank you for a free site which is rare in this day and age. Thank you again Earl

Linda Larsen wrote: Your Certificates were fun and easy to use! They saved me hours that I would have spent fighting with the computer to try and make a nice document. Instead in just minutes with your fill in the blank technique I had a certificate that looked so professional! Thanks for doing all the work for me! Linda

mick clark wrote: A great little site-just what I wanted in a hurry to produce silly rewards for my end of term assembly, in a hurry! Thanks a lot!

Dil wrote: This site is terrific and really great. THANK YOU THANK YOU

Jack Roper wrote: Dye Tub is fantastic and it printed with no problems--came out just great.Love it. JR

glenda wrote: This site is great. I needed to do certificates for a junior volunteer program at a local saved my life....thanks...

Earl wrote: Nice designs. Attractive colors. Easy DIY software. They look great when framed. Thanks a ton!

Cindy wrote: I love your site...easy to use and great certificates available -thanks

Elizabeth Sample wrote: Excellent certificate - just what I was looking for - a great help. Thank you

Amanda W. wrote: I love this so much!Thank you for giving the world such a awesome web site.

Shazonna Monroe wrote: I was up until 4am looking for a certificate of completion that was free to use. All the others wanted a fee and if you did print the logo was printed across the certificate. I gave up and went to bed. The next evening I was searching and found your website. I am one happy person. It as needed for my brother to show he had completed the course required by his employment,with permission from his boss. The original certificate would not print completely and divided in the middle from the website, alot of paper and ink was used that night. I just want to take this time to thank you for your website. It is now filed in my favorites. Sincerely, Shazonna Monroe

Myra wrote: Thank you so much! This is an excellent site.

Bill Perez wrote: Great site, thanks so much for the use of your site.

Susan Weisman wrote: Great awards! High quality!

Julianne wrote: So easy and fast and fun! Thanks for making it easy to praise people in our lives

Ricky Lloyd wrote: Hi, just the site I was looking for. Thanks for making this great site and keeping it a free service, saved me hours of photoshop - Ricky Lloyd, Canberra Australia

Peter Garland wrote: Thank you so much - now I have some really lovely-looking certificates with which to reward my outstanding drama and yearbook students tomorrow. Peter Garland Leadership Preparatory High School, Oakland, California

Bernadette Flaim wrote: What a wonderful find! I am a Troop Committee Chair and needed some quick, but classy scout certificates to present at our final Troop meeting of the year! The Scoutmaster will think that I am a hero! Thanks DyeTub! Bernadette Flaim Leonia, NJ Troop 71

rw wrote: very good print out and very nice site. thank you!!!

Ms. K. wrote: The program I had used for last year's kindergarten diplomas would not open on my new computer. I was frantic, the night before the big day. Thank you for offering this wonderful program- it was just the thing.

Virginia wrote: Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful service. I was looking for free clipart borders to make my own certificates and came across your site, which has certificates that are infinately better than what I would have come up with myself. Thank you for the quality and professional look of my new certificates. They are fast and easy to personalize and print.

D. Echols wrote: I was very excited when my co worker shared the sight with me. I have spent hours trying to find a sites that had good looking traditional certificates for free. Most sites say "free", then they only have one or two items you can actually print. Thanks so much

Lisa wrote: I needed some certificates for my 5th & 6th grade class at the last minute. Your site was extremely helpful. Thank you very much for having it available. ~Lisa

Robert Marx II wrote: I teach High School and you guys are the best. Thanks for the cool awards.

FaDante wrote: This website is great! I just used a template to make a few awards for a formal I'm hosting and they look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathi Makowski wrote: Way to go with the templates! They were fast and easy to use. The biggest plus was the fact that the templates were different from any that I've ever seen.

Lfeanna Smith wrote: I love your school certificates. Exactly what I had in mind, but couldn't find anywhere else. Thanks..will visit you again.

Jesse Bullock wrote: Thank-you! I found a perfic certificate, great web site.

Kristen Miller wrote: I love this site! :) My Mom is useing it (she is a nurse) I am useing it ( I work at a bank) This site is awesome. These awards will make so many people happy. Thank you for deveopling this site. I love it! :)

Kerrie Gustin wrote: Thank you for making my life so much easier at the craziest time of year. When one must create last minute awards - at 2a.m. the morning of the last day of school - it is such a gift not to have to design a template and not have to dig any further into my pocketbook to make it happen for my deserving students. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Pam wrote: AWESOME!! I can't believe such a well-put-together site exists and that it is free!! So nice for us teachers!!! Our awards day is today and we have lovely awards and thank yous for our volunteers, parents and bus drivers who have helped us all year. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!THANK YOU!!

Julie Linderleaf wrote: I spent 3 hours searching for a free printable certificate that could be edited. You are the BEST site I found! Most of the other sites either want you to print them and then handwrite the rest of the info or you can only change the name of the award recipient. Your awards are beautiful! I used a traditional with leafwork and I was extremely impressed!

Stan wrote: Excellent layout, easy to follow and use.

suzanne wrote: Thank you so much for providing this site. It was so easy and fast!!

Kathleen wrote: Thank you so much for this page. You help our den so much! Kathleen

R.L.Reed wrote: GREAT site!!!!!! Needed Ideas for company use AGAIN GREAT SITE

Tammy L Hawk wrote: thank you for your template i wanted to make my tiger scout have a sepcil night going to be wolfs and with your templates i sure my tigers will love getting there awards thanks again tammy l hawk tigers leader

Maria J. Sexton wrote: Thank-you soooo much for making the certificates available online! It is so easy and so helpful!

Lisa wrote: I thought this site is FABTASTIC!! I needed to find a certificate very quicky and I did with your site!! Thanks very much.

P. Watts wrote: This is the greatest website I have found yet. It is exactly what I was looking for. I will use it over and over again. This is one site that is vital to all teachers from preschool up.

Virginia R. Chisholm wrote: I really appreciate this service. I had a Microsoft Workshop CD, and when I bought a new computer, it would not work, so I needed certificates for deserving students, and you helped me out!!! God bless you.

Tom wrote: Thank you. I give certificates to the cub scouts all the time now. --Tom

Angie Grindle wrote: Love your site. The templates are really good and very easy to use.

Grace wrote: Thanks so much for your service! Your certificates are the best that I've found on the web, and so easy to use. Very professional and extremely easy to customize. What an easy way to reward employees, without messing with cheesy PowerPoint software that you have to pay for!

G. J. Manville wrote: I ' ASSUMED ' that our Office Staff would have twenty-six Culmination Certificates ready to distribute today during our 5th grade students' Ceremony. WRONG ! ! ! A Google Search provided Links to a number of Trial Programs that had to be downloaded and installed to create Certificates. ABSOLUTELY NONE of the Certificate-Making Trial Programs served my needs nor were any of them to my satisfaction. $180 ++. . .FOR WHAT ? ? ? UNTIL I FOUND YOUR WEBSITE! God Bless All of You at Dyetub Media for making this A+++ certificate-making website possible ! ! ! B.T.W. The students' Culmination Certificates came out FANTASTIC ! ! !

Kim wrote: Thank-you thank-you thank-you! My colleagues and I want to express our gratitude for your fabulous website! We are Speech/Language Pathologists and we love to reward our students with a certificate for their accomplishments! Your website is the best!!!!!

wrote: Thank you for being there. It was so unique making up my own certificate with my own words. Will let others know about this. Thanks again!

Marian Wiggins wrote: Thank you so much for this site. I made a certificate for a student I've had in speech therapy since she was five. She no longer needs therapy--finally, after 6 years--and I wanted some way to acknowledge all of her hard work. I'm a public school speech therapist and there is no money in the budget for such nice things. Thank you so much for providing these certificates for the public to use.

Susan Stephens wrote: I wanted to express how much I like your website. It is easy to use and fast! This is the second year I have used this web-site.Time is like money to a teacher. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!!

Michael Kempesty wrote: These are a great tool I use to help keep staff motivated and successful. By keeping the templates simple I can basically use any of them for my staff. thanks for having a great tool like this available.

Pat wrote: I really appreciate the availability of your site and the wonderful certificates that you have available. A very heart felt Thank You.

Teresa wrote: Thank you so much for providing free templates for the cub scouts use! There are many awards the cubs earn, with no certificate to help make it special. Your website helps to make the boys just a little more proud of their accomplishments. The templates are easy to use and look good enough to hang on the wall! Thank you so much!

Cynthia wrote: I loved the templates. It saved me lots of time and money. I teach school in Louisiana and these turned out so great for end-of-the-year awards.

Kim Fortner wrote: excellent website for certificate making. Yes, I could do it myself - I have several software programs that make certificates but I find DyeTub to be my favorite for ease and results. We're geocachers and we make first to find certificates for all our caches....they're VERY popular. Thank You, PaRacers

Karen wrote: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This site is just what I've been looking for! Plus it's easy & fun! So much so I found myself thinking of things I could give people awards/certificates for everyone is going to get one for one thing or another. Once again thank you!

Carole Landis wrote: This was perfect ... thank you! A co-worker did something nice for me, and I told him he deserved a gold star. Have I been able to find a gold star? Of course not. I was so pleased to see your free certificates online. He's now getting "The Gold Star Award" thanks to your company! :)

Cori wrote: Thanks for this template!!Every year our city does a combined pinewood derby, and this made certificates for 50 + kids easy. The only thing that would have made it easier is if I could have downloaded the template and then used Word's mail-merge function to automatically fill in the names. Thanks for the great design; the cub scouts will love it.

Ken Ferguson wrote: I am the PR man for our local camera club and if we can get something for nothing, that's absolutely great. So we say, thank you for this free and easy service.

Eliza wrote: this is an excellent site! thank you. I have used many of your certificates and even get new creative ideas for my pack! again, thank you.

Tina Brownlow wrote: Thank you so much for these fantastic certificates. I have just customised them for our Brownies and they look fantastic. Youth organisations like ours do not have a lot of money to spend on things like certifiates but these look so professional I am sure the girls will love them

Cindy Kempf wrote: Great Website--just what I needed. Thanks!

Anne wrote: Thanks for the great site. I am a teacher and things that are free come in handy. Kids love getting recognition for their efforts. Thank you for giving me an easy and free opportunity to show them a bit of love.

amanda baldwin wrote: I printed the gold certificate and amended it to read Commendation the quality and presentation is very professional and clear layout. Excellent :o)

Lucretia Schram wrote: WOW! This was an amazing website to stumble upon. My husband is a Cub Scout Den Leader and you have just made his life so easy. I was searching for a general certificate and am very happy to find something so user friendly. Thank you soooooo much.

Derek Paton wrote: Thank you for a great website and for the excellent certificate templates. I am using your templates for a rewards and recognition program I have recently introduced in the department where I work. Thanks again. Derek Paton Sales Analysis Coordinator

John Zaleski wrote: Heard about you on Cub Scouting Adventure podcast. This is a great service and easy to use. Thank you.

Lynn wrote: Afer getting frustrated searching for templates to make fun awards for an office party and seeing the ridiculous amounts companies wanted to charge, or searching sites where "free" wasn't free or didnt produce a usable certificate, it was great to find your site with true usable templates. Thank you! L Duncan Managing Partner ID Solutions of America


Naretha Evans wrote: This an excellent site! It's just what I've been looking for. The designs are so nice and versatile. For those of us who lack computer savvy, your program builds our self-esteem. Thanks!

Jason Excell wrote: Fantastic, very professional looking. I will be using this site again and again.

Bernadette A. wrote: I think that this site is great. My scouts love getting certificates, it makes them feel like they have really achieved something. It is so easy to do, and its great handing them out at meetings and the parents think its great too. Thanks.

Don S. wrote: You guys are the greatest! I'll use these for my ESL adult students. They look classy. Thanks.

Jakey wrote: You guys totally helped me out. i am in gratitude. Walk a little bit taller and easier in your shoes because you rule.

Tiffany B. wrote: I located your website through and WOW... I am so impressed. I love your certificates. They are so professional and are very quick and easy. Thank you for creating them and allowing all of us access to them.

An anonymous visitor wrote: I have used your templates for award certificates for my summer school classes. Thanks so much! They look great!

Carmen S. wrote: This website is a blessing. I have six clubs of girls and we promote twice a year. Its a big hoopla and of course certificates are given out.Well... as you can imagine the cost is great. This help was what I needed!!!!! Thank you so much.

Jessica C. wrote: I was really impressed with the ease and quality of this website. I will use it again and again. Thank you.

Ashlee B. wrote: Just wanted to let you know that your array of certificates was perfect for me. I used the Calligraphy templates to award "Godparentship" to my son's Godmother and Godfather on the day of his baptism. And copies of them look FANTASTIC in his baby book! Thanks so much!

Peri A. wrote: This is exactly what I needed and so easy to use! I am saving this site on my Favorites tab!

Dena wrote: Thank you! I am making certificates tonight for my husbands 9 & 10 yr. old baseball team. This is incredibly easy and unbelievabley professional looking. I will recommend your site to everyone.

Margaret S. wrote: Thank you so much for making my life easier with the certificates. I am using them for a teacher training workshop, so I will be telling them about

PKN wrote: Thanks. I was looking for exactly what you offer -- easy to use, attractive free certificate templates. The one I used today is for an informal staff training tonight. I'll be back for more. Thanks. Director, Preschool & Child Care Center

Scott wrote: I was trying to help my wife who is a teacher to find some free certificates to present to her students at the end of the year.Dyetub made it so easy, and offered many certificates I will even us dyetub for printing certificates for our Sunday students. Thank you and with many blessings.

An anonymous visitor wrote: Wow! Thank you for having a free online site where I could create professional looking certificates. I'm a classroom teacher and my school's wordprocessing program did not have clip art available for me to create certificates. I wanted to honor my students who have worked so hard this school year. That's why I really appreciated finding your website online. Thank you.

An anonymous visitor wrote: I was amazed at the professional quality of your certificates. I will let other teachers at our school know about your website. I will post it in a very prominant place: right over the coffee pot in the teacher workroom! Your site will be on my favorites list because I work with children in a variety of settings and love to recognize them for their learning achievements. Thanks for such a great resource!

Chris N. wrote: great site verry helpfull and FREE, great job

Andrew J. wrote: I was having a problem printing on my Samsung ML-1430 Laser printer. The left side of the certificate was being cut off. I solved the problem by resizing the paper to 8.5" X 10.8". It works beautifully. Thanks for a great product at an even better price!

Betty wrote: Excellent!! Am using this to make funny awards to a 6-7 year old baseball team at end of season. Thanks so much!

An anonymous visitor wrote: Incredible. I had a problem with my printer and your customer support replied to my email in less that 2 hours on a Saturday!!! Thank you for such wonderful service.

An anonymous visitor wrote: this is great easy to use great for school or just making your own personal awards for the family.

Molly W. wrote: You saved me a lot of work as I have been working on my high school's 50th anniversary and made up a number of awards for people which would have taken me a long time if I'd made them up on my word processor. I have your site bookmarked. Many thanks.

An anonymous visitor wrote: I love your site! Thanks!

Jennifer wrote: Thank you so much for your awesome certificates. They came out so beautiful, really classy looking. I don't have a color printer so I chose the gray certificate just perfect, very professional looking. Also it was very easy to use. Thanks again You made a hard job easy.

An anonymous visitor wrote: Thank you so much!!! I am a homeschool mom and was looking for some way to acknowledge my children's hard work. This is perfect!!!

Michelle M. wrote: Awesome site! My husband needed some certificates for his employees ASAP and I found your site for him. Your professional looking templates turned out great once we used some heavyweight certificate paper and a color laser printer. Thanks a bunch!

Christine wrote: LOVE THIS SITE!!!

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